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Joerg Madlener will be one of several in-residence professors working with Brenda Taylor, your host, who is creating an informal but serious traveling academy to include the Catskills in New York and Tecklenburg, Germany.

"If all that is is to be changed,

all is not all"

(Theodor Adorno, Minima Moralia)


We invite you to the Brenda Taylor academy  for drawing and painting to include photography.

We offer one-week and two-week sessions.  A special master class of one week is available for those students wishing to continue and further information will be made available as the sessions take place.

The Machiasport Maine course starts in July.

A proposed theme is Arcadia the (im) possible ideal landscape. Students with their own agenda are welcome and this can be discussed via skype or e-mail in advance.

The day will start with a 1-1/2 hour drawing class with a live model.  Our day will end with a common critique.  After dinner the evening can be spent in an informal round table discussion or a lecture.

Given the exceptionally small number of participants, our studios offer a one on one relationship where the teacher can enter the internal problems and solutions that the students are working through during the creative process.

Yvonne Love will teach a one week course starting July 13th through 19th 2014. 


Phone: 212- 463-7166 or email: bt@brendataylorgallery.com.






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