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"If all that is is to be changed, all is not all."

-Theodor Adorno, Minima Moralia













                                                                   Joerg Madlener, Arcadia, 2010 acrylic and oil on canvas

The Brenda Taylor Summer Program invites you to join our upcoming sessions in Drawing, Painting, and Photography in the idyllic location of Machiasport, Maine.  We will be offering one-week and two-week residency sessions during the Summer and Fall of 2014.

Yvonne Love, July 12th, through 19th currently full, please visit: www.Yvonnelove.com.   Several more sessions throughout the summer and into fall are available with teachers Joerg Madlener, July 21st through 28th, please visit: www.joergmadlener.com.  The cost per student is for one  week and covers all housing and meals. Students will be responsible for their own transportation to Machiasport. If you are interested in participating, please send an email with some images of your work. We will respond with further information regarding course cost and available dates.  Yvonne Love's course  is currently full and Joerg Madlener has room for one more student.  You will be hosted in the home of Brenda Taylor where you will be given guidance on all facets of exhibiting work and making sales.

Each teacher will have his own approach, for Joerg, he would like for each day will begin with a 1˝ hour drawing class with a live model and will end with a common critique. Our days will be balanced and  involve about 6 hours of painting.  After dinner, evenings will be spent in informal round table discussions or lectures.  Each teacher, course will have it's own approach and plenty of time will be spent in ways that benefit to student. 

Madlener's extensive artistic achievements as well as the other teachers will make this an invaluable resource for students. Our course also provides each student to spend ample time with Brenda Taylor, learning about Approaching The Art World.  How one engages in finding exhibitions and learning about the Gallery industry in general. Our philosphy and in Jorg Madleners own words, “Teachers transgress the time and space of the academic institution. The master working with his apprentices and teaching through making is essential component to stemming the flood of careless and ungrounded art. In my case, common critiques with my students were often the best places to be.”

Given the small number of students in each session, usually no more than three to five, students and teachers will develop one-on-one relationships. They will work together to overcome any obstacles or internal problems that students may come across during the creative process.

The program encourages improvisation among both its students and its teachers. A proposed theme for the summer is “Arcadia: The (Im)possible Ideal Landscape.” The theme is proposed because the art student (whether artist or amateur) often begins with the question, "What should I paint?" A theme can help solve this dilemma. However, students with their own agendas and goals are welcome and encouraged to break free of a traditional approach.

We should  seek to find out how our work can become more stringent and meaningful. The artist must also be an art critic, and work evolution must come ibefore short-term gratification.

If you are interested in participating in the 2014 Brenda Taylor Summer Program or if you would like more information, please contact Brenda Taylor by phone at 212-463-7166 or by email at bt@brendataylorgallery.com.

Phone: 212- 463-7166 or email: bt@brendataylorgallery.com



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